Arun Sharma · May 12, 2021

py2many 0.2.1

py2many version 0.2.1 is out!

Recent improvements

  • 231 tests in 7 languages pass. As in generated code is human readable, compiles, runs and produces the same output as python3.
  • Improved CI: 84% code coverage
  • C++ code tested with g++ as well as clang
  • Preliminary async support in rust
  • Ternary operator supported
  • Python docstrings show up as comments in the target language
  • Benchmarking with langcomp benchmark shows 100x perf improvement by using rustc -O

Future Plans

  • Show how to speed up python code by transpiling and using pyO3 to generate python modules
  • Demonstrate robust/secure file parsing capabilities
  • Document supported subset
  • Implement functional primitives - mainly pattern matching
  • Improve ergonomics of the source python where possible

Are there other features you think py2many should prioritize? Do drop me a line.

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